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Tour of
1998 Rhododendron Exhibit

Rhododendrons in Cold Storage
Picture by S & J Perkins
Rhododendron in cold storage in the apple cellar in Walthan, MA

Rhododendrons are placed in cold storage when they first arrive to wait for placement in the greenhouse. Different cultivars of rhododendron require from 3 to 9 weeks in the greenhouse to induce flowering. Plants placed back into the cold room after bud break to slow down the flowering process often do not develop good deep color so timing is important.

Pictured above are large leaved rhododendrons that forced more quickly than expected so they were moved back into cold storage. The 3 'Yaku Prince's in the green pots behind the bushel basket were placed  in the exhibit on opening day and lasted to the end of the show. The 'Yak' hybrid in the bushel basket was ready for opening day but had to be removed before the show was over.

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