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Rhododendron 'Scintillation'

Our Chapter invites you to explore the beauty and diversity of the genus Rhododendron.

'Scintillation' typifies the image one has upon hearing the word rhododendron. This image of a large evergreen shrub displaying beautiful pink flowers during Memorial Day weekend is certainly one of the many reasons rhododendrons are popular in New England.

However, step inside Your Gateway to Rhododendrons in New England to explore the hundreds of articles and thousands of images that await you, to tour many of the best gardens in the Northeast, and to discover for yourself the beauty of the genus Rhododendron is not limited to this single cultivar or this one weekend a year.

There are 1000's of Rhododendron cultivars and the genus brings interest to the New England garden 365 days a year.

Your Gateway to Rhododendrons in New England contains more than 4000 pages and 2000 images. For your convenience a list of garden tours allows year around access to more than 40 of New England's best gardens. Also provided is a list of all pictorial tours in alphabetical order.

Each tour has a subindex link on every page of that tour allowing one to quickly determine the contents of that tour. Walk through each tour by merely clicking the next arrow, shown here Next, provided on each page of a tour.

An alphabetical listing of the titles of all the pages is provided. This allows one to locate any plant pictured on the site since titles of pages, in general, start with the name of the plant being shown. The plants are grouped by genus so to see what rhododendrons images are contained on the site merely look in the table of contents under rhododendron.

The pictorial tour of proven performers for New England includes only rhododendrons that have proven to be reliable in multiple gardens in our area. An alphabetical listing of the proven performers is provided. If you live in New England or in an area with a similar climate this tour is a must see.

If you enjoy looking at images of beautiful rhododendrons and have a fast connection, introduce yourself to the diversity the genus rhododendron offers merely by clicking here. If your interest is species visit our Rhododendron Species for New England site. If you are interested in learning more about growing rhododendrons visit our Rosebay Journal site. If you want to learn more about the various activities within the American Rhododendron Society Massachusetts Chapter visit our chapter activity pages.

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