P4M Plants 2003 available

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

65 R. yeodense double, early, lavender pinksp az

113 'Late Love' deep pink, H2, low, July ev az Hill

128 'Rukusan' (=Rukizon?) ev az

200 'Acclaim' red, H3-2 hy Dexter

201 'Accomac' red, H3-2, early hy Dexter

206 'Alice Poore' hy Dexter

212 'Ashes of Roses' H3 (fortunei hybrid) hy Dexter

213 'Avondale' brick red, H2 (fortunei x haematodes x Pygmalion)(SW hy Dexter

214 'Barnstable' salmon-pink, H2, fragrant, 4" flower (Brown #1) hy Dexter

218 'Betty Arrington' pink, -15deg. F, fragrant hy Dexter

221 'Brewster' salmon pink, H2? (Brown #6)hy Dexter

226 'Charlestown' pink, green throat, -5deg. F (fortunei hybrid) hy Dexter

228 'Cherry Red' red hyDexter

229 'Clover Coe'hy Dexter

231 'Count Vitetti'hyDexter

232 'Delicate Splendor' picoteed white, lowhy Dexter

236 'Dexter's Brick Red' pink, red blotch, H3 hy Dexter

237 'Dexter's Cream' cream, fragrant, H3-4 hy Dexter

239 'Dexter's Favorite' pale pinkhyDexter/Amateis

240 'Dexter's Giant Red' deep red with stippling, H2 hy Dexter

244 'Dexter's Orchid' lavender-rose, H2 hyDexter

245 'Dexter's Peppermint' lt ruf pink, fragrant, H3 hy Dexter

249 'Dexter's Red'hy Dexter

252 'Dexter's Springtime' creamy yellow, pinkhy Dexter

257 'Eastham' (DE #42)hy Dexter

264 'Flaming Snow' white, -10deg. Fhy Dexter

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

266 'Forestdale' Dexter 128 hy Dexter

267 'GiGi' (Ross GG) red, H2, dark striping hy Dexter

270 'Great Eastern' (Dexter 109) dark pink, H2 hy Dexter

271 'Halesite' red, H3 hy Dexter

274 'Hatchville' (Dexter 121) almost white hy Dexter

275 'Helen Everitt' white, H2, fragrant (F2 Dexter) hyDexter/Everitt

276 'Helene Huber' (NYBG #5) pink with blotch, H3 hyDexter/Herbert

279 'Hunting Hills' deep pink, white center H2 hy Dexter

282 'Katherine Slater' dusty pink, H1 hy Dexter

284 'Koster's Choice' (Everitt #6) magenta, H3 hy Dexter

291 'Louisa P. Delano' hy Dexter

292 'Madison Hill' (SW 12500-2) pink, compact hy Dexter

295 'Merley Cream' pale pink cream, H2 hy Dexter

298 'Mrs. W. R. Coe' (Parker #3) pink, dark flare, H2 hyDexter

304 'Parker's Pink' (Parker #1PP) pink, H2, fragrant hyDexter

305 'Peg Coe'hy Dexter

316 'Rona Pink' dark rose pink, H3-2 hy Dexter

317 'Sagamore Bayside' (Dexter #16) lavender pink, H2 (fortunei hybrid) hyDexter

322 'Skyglow' (Dexter #9) apricot pink, H3-2hy Dexter

323 'Tan' (Winterthur) buffy yellow, pink, H3 hyDexter

324 'Teaticket' pale pink (Dexter #218) hy Dexter

325 'Todmorden' (Scott #1) red, light center, H2 (haematodes hybrid) hyDexter

327 'Tripoli' (Ross EEE) red, -10deg. Fhy Dexter

329 'Up Front' pale peach, yellow throat hy Dexter

332 'Wellfleet' white hy Dexter

335 'Whittenton' pink to creamy apricot, H2 hy Dexter

335 'Whittenton' pink to creamy apricot, H2 hy Dexter

338 'William R. Coe' hy Dexter

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

343 'Xerox' picotee, red and white hy Dexter

343 'Xerox' picotee, red and white hy Dexter

344 'Zanzibar' hy Dexter

348 Bosley #1020 light rose pink (also #1032), H1 hy Dexter

362 'Lemon Ice' white, yellow flare, H2 hy Boseley/Dexter

385 'Glenolden' apricot pink (Everitt F2 Dexter o.p.)(Wister 60 R 9) hy Wister

441 R. russatum 'Big Rock'sp lep

487 R. fargesii (= oreodoxa var. fargesii) elepidote sp

520 'Laurie' pale pink-white, H2-1 (PJM x minus) hy lepMezitt

521 'Janet Blair' pink, -15deg. F (fortunei hybrid) hy Leach

529 'Mrs. Tom H. Lowinsky' white, yellow blotch, H2 hy

532 'Pink Twins' pink hose-in-hose, H2, low (catawbiense red x hy Gable

536 R. yakushimanum 'Mist Maiden' sp Leach

541 'Wheatley' (Phipps #2) pale pink, good truss (Westbury x hyDexter/Phipps

551 'Amphion' deep rose, H2 (catawbiense hybrid)(=F. L. Ames #3241) hy Waterer

559 'Harold Amateis' red, H3-2 (maximum x strigillosum) hy Amateis

563 'Mary Fleming' yellow with pink, H2, low, lepidote (keiskei hybrid) hy lep Nearing

574 R. kotschyi small pink flowers sp lep

592 R. carolinianum Caperci's yellow form sp lep Caperci

598 R. ferrugineum -15deg. Fsp lep

602 'Dora Amateis' white, H2 (carolinianum hybrid) hy lepAmateis

616 'Golden Star' yellow, 0deg. F (fortunei x wardii) hy Hardgrove/Burns

622 'Crest' yellow, H3 hy Rothschild

627 R. discolor (= fortunei ssp. discolor) elepidote sp

628 'Sappho' white, purple blotch, leggy, H2 hy Waterer

631 'Lou Cook's Unknown Yellow' H2-3 hy Cook

653 'Professor F. Bettex' hyden Ouden

665 R. keiskei Tall form sp lep

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

669 'Holden' dark pink, H1-2 (catawbiense hybrid) hyShammarello

696 'Trude Webster' pink, H3 (Countess of Derby selfed) hy Greer

697 'Minnie' white, gold flare, H3-2hy

700 R. yakushimanum x Mars luminous pink, H2 hy

705 'Thunderstorm' red, black blotch, H3-2hy Slocock

729 'Judy Spillane' (SW 58-333A) pink, H2-1 (maximum hybrid) hy Wister

732 'Bright Prospect' reddish (SW 58-279B)(Scintillation x haematodes) hy Dexter

740 'Cynthia' rose, H2 hy

743 'Hello Dolly' yellow, H3-2 (Fabia x smirnowii) hy Lem

744 'Lodestar' white, -20deg. F (catawbiense x Belle Heller) hy Leach

745 'Norwich'hy

757 'Creeping Jenny' red, H3 hyAberconway

760 'Timmy Foster' H2-1 (keiskei x racemosum)hy lep Foster

771 'Ramapo' purple, H1, dwarf, lepidote hy lepNearing

778 'Furnival's Daughter' pink with blotch, H2 hy Knap Hill

806 'Redhead' ('Atrier' #10) red, H3, needs shade hy Gable

820 'Edgemont' yellow pinkhy Wister

825 'Disca' pink, H2-3 hy Gable

856 'Always Admired' sunset tones, H2-3 (Scintillation x haematodes) hy Wister

866 'Odee Wright' yellow, H3, compact hy Wright

869 'Kluis Sensation' red, H2-3hy Kluis

882 R. maximum x yakushimanum hy

907 SW 58-279Nhy Wister

992 'Llenroc' light pink, -20deg. F (carolinianum x mucronulatum Cornell hy lepMezitt

993 'Olga Mezitt' pink (dauricum x mucronulatum) x minushy lepMezitt

994 'Weston's Pink Diamond' pink, H2 (PJM x mucronulatum)hy lep Mezitt

1005 'Percy Wiseman' (Sunningdale yakushimanum hybrid) peach, -10deg. F, hy Waterer et al

1009 Hardgrove DH-10 hyHardgrove

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

1020 'Amazement' yellow, fragrant, H3 (fortunei x croceum)hyHardgrove/Royce

1021 'Glow Light' soft orange, H3 (Fabia x fortunei) hyHardgrove

1055 'Ethel V. Cary' white, orchid edge, -20deg. F hy Cary

1063 'Bashful' rose, -10deg. F (yakushimanum hybrid) (Sunningdale) hyWaterer/et al

1067 'Greeting' (Glenn Dale) rose pink, ruffled ev azMorrison

1070 R. hyperythrum -10deg. F elepidote sp

1087 'Alice Swift' pink, H2, lepidote hy lepYavorsky/Swift

1126 'Mardi Gras' pink-white, semi-dwarf, 0deg. F (yakushimanum x Vanessa)hyBovee

1137 'Pikeland' pink, dwarf, H3 (keiskei x campylogynum)hy lep Herbert

1144 Purple Splendour x fortunei hyHardgrove

1160 SW 58-281D apricot, red throat, midseason, H2? hy Wister

1161 'Yaku Duke' fading pink, H2-3 (King Tut x yakushimanum) hyShammarello

1163 R. yakushimanum dwarf seedling, H1-2sp Becales

1180 Leiophyllum buxifolia Leiophyll

1194 'Eileen Hall' (=Hall P2) hy Hall

1197 'Wyanokie' white, small leaf, H2-1hy lep Nearing

1209 Ross L Dexter red, somewhat like 'Gigi'hy Dexter

1222 Bosley #1009 early, pink, H1 hy Dexter

1227 HE 141-75 yellow center, pink rim (Heritage) hy Dexter

1236 'Yellow Gate' yellow, H3-4 (HE 347-71) (Heritage) hy Dexter

1238 HE 113-70 (DE 211) (Heritage) hy Dexter

1246 Brown #14 (= Bass River #215)hy Dexter

1247 Moseley 53-15 hy Dexter

1249 Ross AAA (= 'Alice in Wonderland') pale pinkhyDexter

1255 HE 152-70 (Heritage) hy Dexter

1260 'Evcor' (Everitt's Coral) coral pink hy Dexter

1311 'Blewbury' pink to white, H3, dwarf, russet indumentum (roxieanum hyWindsor

1314 'Bob Bovee' primrose yellow, 0deg. F (yakushimanum x wardii) hyBovee

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

1353 'Gertrude Saxe' pink (carolinianum x mucronulatum Paul's Pink)hy lep Murcott

1369 R. chlorops 'Lackamus Cream' yellow, -5deg. F (wardii x vernicosum?) sp

1380 Consolini 5SR red hyConsolini

1393 'Purple Splendor' H2-3 ev az Gable

1398 Mars x yakushimanum best in show, CT 81 hy

1407 Hall's P15hy M Hall

1412 'Golden Jubilee' hyPearce

1425 'Dreamland' pale pink, H3 (yakushimanum x decorum)hyReuthe

1431 'Dean Hall'hy M. Hall

1469 'Hardgrove's Salmon Red' small, pale pink, H3-2, indumentum hyHardgrove

1474 R. houlstonii 'John R. Elcock' A.M. sp

1481 R. kiusianum 'Komo Kulshan' rose white bicolor sp az

1511 'Nearing Hardy White' elepidotehyNearing

1518 "Westport Point" (R. racemosum x minus) x ciliatumhy lep

1532 'SURY' (R. smirnowii x vernicosum #18139)( N-73-7) hy Nearing

1553 R. yakushimanum Phetteplace tall = CHPsp

1556 R. yakushimanum x Moonstone hy

1596 '1890' fragrant, apricot-yellow (fortunei hybrid) hyF. Moniz

1617 R. pachysanthum elepidotesp

1620 R. bureavii x yakushimanum hy

1632 R. xanthocoodon hardysp lepNearing

1639 'Vulcan's Flame' red, H3-2 (griersonianum x Mars)hyLancaster

1643 'Queen Mary' rose pink, H2 hyFelix/Dijkouis

1644 'Molly Fordham' white, H2 (carolinianum hybrid) hy lepMezitt

1650 'Blue Pacific' blue purple with blotch, H3 hyWhitney

1666 'Ruth Davis' (metternichii x yakushimanum) hyGable/Davis

1673 R. smirnowii Medeiros plant (=747?) sp

1680 'Governor's Mansion' purple, orange blotch (North Carolina) hy Dexter

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

1694 R. kiusianum 'Miyama Komachu' sp az

1700 'Ravels' pink with yellow blotch, H3-2 hy Yates

1708 R. adenophorum Greersp

1709 R. calophytum elepidotesp

1711 R. yakushimanum x Helen Schiffner hy W. Reese

1716 R. pseudochrysanthum 'Ben Nelson' -5deg. F elepidote sp

1725 R. bureavii Lem form -10deg. F, brown indumentum sp Lem

1770 'Roman Candle' hy Pride

1779 'Hobbie #4' red, dwarf hy Hobbie

1788 'RIK' pink and white (racemosum x keiskei) hy lepYavorsky

1791 R. yakushimanum x Carmen x Grosclaude hy Becales

1797 'Sham's Pink' pink, red blotch, H2-1 (Boule de Neige hybrid) hyShammarello

1814 Countess of Derby x Tom Everitt white hy Becales

1858 Gaylussacia

1891 'Roehr's Peggy Ann' white, pink margin ev azBauman

1933 SAE 1A hy Dexter

1938 Ames #2 1/2hy Dexter?

1941 Ames #? hy Dexter?

1949 'Belle Heller' white with blotch, H2 (catawbiense hybrid) hyShammarello

1989 R. kiusianum 'Beni Kirishima' orange red, late sp az

2001 'Pinnacle' pink, H2-1hyShammarello

2005 'Bravo' light pink, -25deg. F (complex catawbiense hybrid) hyLeach

2010 'Turkish Delight' large pink, H1 hy

2035 'Blue Ridge' blue,, H2, lepidote hy lepRussel/Haag

2060 'Nuance' "orange-yellow blushed purpley pink" hy Leach

2065 'Linda' low, pink, H2-3 (williamsianum hybrid) hyBoskoop

2076 'Aviva Ann' (yakushimanum x Mars) pink, H2 hy Brooks

2077 'Sugar Frosting' (Catalga x fortunei) x decorum hyBrooks

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

2154 'Luxor' yellow, -25deg. F (was Morocco #4213) hy Leach

2210 R. adenophorum affinity -10deg. F, much indumentum sp Grieg

2224 'Dr. Rock' sunset shades, H2-3 (vernicosum hybrid) hy Gable

2250 BPT 82-B (chrysanthum x lanigerum) hy

2269 R. yakushimanum 'Pink Parasol' 73-093sp

2327 R. kiusianum SH #4 light pinksp az Hall

2350 'Silberwolke' white, red buds (yakushimanum hybrid) hyHachmann

2353 'Flava' (yakushimanum hybrid) hyHachmann

2355 'Belona' pink, -5deg. F (yakushimanum hybrid) hyHachmann

2375 'Porzellan' white, frilly, -10deg. F (yakushimanum hybrid) hyHachmann

2377 'Polaris' (yakushimanum hybrid) carmine rose to pink, H2 hyHachmann

2384 'Hachmann's Feuerschein' (Nova Zembla x Mars) red hyHachmann

2407 'Unique' yellow, orangedec az (Ghent)

2441 'Staccato' early bright pink lepidote hy lepMezitt

2444 R. keiskei 'Yaku Fairy' x 'Mary Fleming' hy lep

2445 'Marilyn Gillespie' light pinkhy Wister

2523 'Grace Seabrook' red, H3 (strigillosum hybrid) hySeabrook

2526 'Marion Street' light pink (yakushimanum hybrid) hyStreet

2527 'Isabel Gable' peach, H2-3 (vernicosum hybrid) hy Gable

2538 'Paul Vossberg' red, H2 (maximum x thompsonii) hyKnippenberg

2645 'Party Pink' purplish pink, H2-1 (catawbiense hybrid) hyLeach

2649 'Dorothy Swift' appleblossom, H1 (Smiryak' #65024-1) hyMehlquist

2676 'Sterling' (Glenn Dale) pink, low, lateev azMorrison

2720 'Patty Bee' yellow, dwarf, lepidote, -10deg. F (keiskei x fletcherianum)hy lep Berg

2725 'Drum Roll' white, pink flush, -20deg. F, lepidote hyFoster

2736 'Edith Pride' pink with blotch, H1 (maximum hybrid) hy Pride

2748 'April Snow' double, white (PJM hybrid) hy lepMezitt

2772 R. pseudochrysanthum Exbury white, pink buds, -5deg. F spRothschild

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

2797 'Swansdown' white, H2-1 (catawbiense hybrid) hyLeach

2818 Belle Heller x yakushimanum hy

2824 'Bouquet de Flore' red, yellow blotchdec az (Ghent)

2864 'Arctic Glow' A.M. white, lavender blush (carolinianum x dauricum)hy lep Lewis

2883 'Graduation Day' (maximum hybrid) hy Gable?

2887 R. bureavii x yakushimanum 'Ken Janek' hy C. Smith

2900 'Roxanne Hardgrove' yellow, H4 hy Hardgrove

2928 'Babylon' pink, H2, early hy Reuthe

2929 'Ivory Cloud' pale pink, very fragrant, H3 (fortunei hybrid) hy Knippenberg/Vossberg

2966 'Dolly Madison' white, H1 hy Leach

3028 'Kimberly' pink, H3-2 (williamsianum hybrid) hy Greer

3056 R. yakushimanum 'Angel' white, narrow leaves sp Greer

3087 'Jill' yellow, H2 (lutescens o.p. seedling)hy lep Pryel/Fetterhoff

3110 'Double Dip' white, H2, tall (catawbiense x yakushimanum) hy Gable

3147 Dexter AA 541-56 (=Everett #15) hy Dexter

3194 'Ginny Gee' pink, H3, dwarf (keiskei x racemosum)hy lep Berg

3197 'Chalfont' apricot pink (Dexter F2, 60R3)hy Wister

3207 'Cupcake' (yakushimanum x Medusa)hy

3211 'Pink Walloper' pink, H3, tall hy Lem

3251 HE(BM) 14-85 "spectacular" (Heritage) hy Cowles/MacDonald

3257 'Bea MacDonald' HE(EC) 83-85 (Heritage) hy Cowles/Collins

3263 R. yakushimanum FCC x 'Henrietta Sargent' hy Arsen

3339 R. yakushimanum D.M. low sp D. Smith

3344 R. fortunei hybrid #2 pink, white edge hy Knippenberg

3366 'Sunrise 76' hy Gable

3376 'Butter & Eggs' (HE 323-71)(HE 134-80) hy Cowles

3416 'Texas Pink' (kiusianum hybrid) dwarf hose-in-hose ev az Mezitt

3418 'Parade' pink with orange, scented (viscosum hybrid) dec az Mezitt

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

3513 'Colonel Coen' deep purple, -10deg. F hy Ostbo

3547 R. smirnowii x yakushimanum#65024-1hyMelquist

3563 'Olin O. Dobbs' reddish purple, -15deg. F (Mars x Purple Splendour) hyDobbs/Greer

3581 R. wiltonii elepidote sp

3601 'Snow's Red #1' dark scarlet, at least 0deg. Fhy

3603 'Phyllis Korn' white, red blotch, -15deg. F hy Korn

3608 'Crete' white, -15deg. F, low (smirnowii x yakushimanum) hy Leach

3623 'Goldylocks' H2 (not Goldilolcks) hy Pride

3656 Catalgla x Goldsworth Orange #1 hy

3668 'Jack Looye' (SiSi x Serendipity) hy Delp

3710 'Pink Icing' pink, -15deg. F (catawbiense red x Catalode) hy Pride

3711 'Edith Bosley' deep purple, black blotchhy

3723 'Mikey' purple, H1 (Blue Peter x Ice Cube) hy Delp

3727 'Sugar and Spice' white, gold blotch, -5deg. F hyBowman

3751 'Yates' Treena' yellow, red spots, -10deg. F hy Yates

3864 SW 58-281-Hhy

3866 'Nick' red, compact, H2 hy Delp

3868 'High Gold' lemon yellow, -5deg. F (Damaris x Crest) hyEichelser

3981 'Laurelwood Persimmon' (Mayday x hyperythrum) hyKnippenberg

3987 'Pioneer Silvery Pink' clear pinkhy lepHoogendorn

3988 R. maximum x catawbiense x bureauviihy

4008 'Golden Showers' peach yellow (viscosum hybrid) dec azMezitt

4014 'Deep Rose' dark pink (arborescens hybrid) dec azMezitt

4141 R. degronianum #6 spPatterson

4186 'Golden Bee' gold, semi-dwarf, -10deg. F (keiskei hybrid)hy lep Berg

4202 'Silver Sword' deep red, variegated foliage (kaempferi hybrid) ev az Meivogel

4203 'Golden Gala' ivory white, -20deg. Fhy Leach

4204 R. yakushimanum x Besse Howells 'Ingrid Mehlquist' hy Mehlquist

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

4238 R. maximum x (beanianum x yak) hy Ring

4354 'Sassy Lassy' reddish purple, lepidote hy Delp

4361 R. vernicosum apricot sp Gable

4383 'Pink Rosette' ev az Gable

4428 R. yakushimanum sp Mossman

4445 K-22 peach, white center, green throat (kaempferi hybrid) ev azKinney

4447 'K's Special' large white, red throat ev az Kinney

4495 R. impeditum x augustinii, F2hy lep

4502 'White Dimples' white, compact hyMezitt

4503 'Dr. H. C. Dressellhuys' hy

4546 'Independence Day' red, H2 (maximum hybrid) hy

4550 'Nancy Evans' H4, yellow (Hotei x Lem's Cameo) hy Brockenbrough

4632 E. Collins #9 hy Heritage

4640 'Kickoff' hy Delp

4646 'Windmill' hy Consolini

4649 'Friday' (Purple Splendour hybrid) hy

4653 'Towhead' pale yellow, -15deg. F (minus hybrid) hy lep Leach

4666 'New Patriot' dark pink (PJM x)(Weston)hy lep Mezitt

4672 'Lemon Twist' yellow dec az

4692 'Hashika Tsuji' white, lilac border (Kurume) ev az

4696 'Jericho' yellow, H2, lepidote hy lepLeach

4707 'Cecil # 6' (Ashville Dexter) hyDexter

4710 'Natalie Resnick' hy Resnick

4712 'Dr. Max' red buds, pink flower (yakushimanum hybrid) hyResnick

4713 HE 1-71 (HE[BM] 6-83; BG # 42) (Heritage) Pink Double hy

4715 'Kingswood' pink (Wister 60 R 26)(F2 Dexter o.p.)hy Wister

4717 'Pink Butterflies' multihued pink, late, -5deg. F hyDexter/Leonard

4749 'Tickley' blend of purple, H1 (carolinianum x scintillans)hy lep Delp

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

4750 'Wickatunk' bright pink, early, -20deg. (carolinianum x mucronulatum)hy lep Lewis

4752 'Amber Lantern' large yellow flowers, low, compact, -10deg. (keiskei hy lep Arsen

4754 'April White' pure white, semi-double, -25deg. (dauricum hybrid)hy lep Mehlquist

4776 'Joseph Dunn' pink (minus x racemosum)hy lep Lewis

4777 'Manitau' light pink (Windbeam o.p. seedling) (Conestoga hybrid) hy lep Nearing

4778 'Southland' (chapmanii x keiskei) hy lep Kehr

4782 Consolini/Pilkington 288 rose h yConsolini

4804 'Plane View Appleblossom' hy lep Medeiros

4829 'Big Deal' pale yellow hy Mezitt

4844 'Fox's Favorite' dark red with blotch, early hy M Hall/Fox

4847 'Elsie Howard' white star center, pale purple margin, -5deg. (HE265-71) hy Cowles

4853 'Jeanie Gillis' light purple, fades to white with yellow center(HE hy Cowles/Kellam

4862 L63-9R white, fragrant (from Quail Hollow) hy Dexter/R Leonard

4887 'Sandwich Appleblossom' hy Dexter

4891 'Summer Summit' pink fading to white, -20deg. F (maximum hybrid) hyLeach

4896 R. houlstonii Planting Fields form (= fortunei var. discolor) sp

4923 'Ernie's Yellow' clear medium yellow, domed hy Berube/MacDonald

4937 R. yakushimnanum x aureum hy Bovee

4951 HE 311-69 apricot (Heritage) hy Cowles

4956 HE(EC) 23-87 (HE(BM) 108-86)(JB 2-88) (Heritage) hy Cowles/Collins

4979 'Pooor Fred' huge pale pink (Hall/MacDonald #1) hy Hall/MacDonald

4983 'Vinecrest' hy A Smith

4989 Consolini P241 hy Consolini

4991 'Blazen Sun' hy Pride

5033 R. mucronulatum 'Mayflower' sp Mehlquist

5048 'Casanova' hy Leach

5049 'Teddy Bear' (bureavii x yakushimanum) hy

5051 'Red River' bicolor (maximum Mt. Mitchell x Mars x America) hy Pride

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

5061 'Taurus' hy

5062 R. carolinianum 'Carver' blue pink, -15deg. Fhy Brown

5066 'Senator Henry M. Jackson' hy

5102 'Rhodworks' (Fireworks x hyperythrum) hy Delp

5106 R. carolinianum 'White Gem' sp lep

5109 'Magic Mood' hy

5122 'My Mary' (= #5111) hy

5123 'Marydel' hy

5130 'Phebe E' ((Leo x fortunei) x (fortunei x dichroanthum)) x wardii hy Houghton

5140 Bow Bells x yakushimanum (from Arnold Arboretum) hy

5182 'Florence Parks' royal purple, bud hardy to -17deg. F (P8605A)hy J Parks

5191 'Kiyomi' (fortunei x makinoi) hy

5196 'Moby Dick' white hy

5197 HE(EC)F-1-85 hy Dexter?

5209 'Normandy' bright pink, -20deg. F hy Leach

5212 HP 279-72

5229 'Alena' white, fragrant hy

5232 'Red Quest' (Weston) hy Mezitt

5268 'Autumn Violet' hy Mehlquist

5281 R. carolinianum 'White Perfection' sp lep

5289 R. viscosum glacum (deciduous) sp az

5302 'April Rose'hy

5304 'Mary Guthlein' yellow hy

5315 R. yakushimanum 'Angel' RSF 75/184 sp

5316 'Dick Leonard' pale lavender, maroon throat, fragrant hy Leonard/Brown

5317 'Max Resnick' vivid pink (Mars x Idealist #1) hy Resnick/Brown

5320 Janet Blair x Heritage #141-75 hy

5322 R. fortunei Hall form x discolor pink and white, 4.5 inch flower hy Brown

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

5325 Elizabeth x yakushimanum hy

5330 'April Gem' hy lep Mehlquist

5356 'Misty Morn' hy

5369 R. yakushimanum x tsariense nice leaves, indumentum, upright, long hy

5407 R. dauricum x fletcherianum hy

5413 R. smirnowii RSF 76/376sp

5415 HE(JB/JL)1-88 peach hy Beutler/Leonard

5417 'Nacoochee' deciduous (R. atlanticum selection) sp az

5418 R. morii sp

5435 'Dutch Vanilla' hy lep

5445 'Amaretto' yellow orange (see 2351) hyHachmann

5448 Arcterica nana (was Pieris nana) Arcterica SJP

5460 R. nudipes sp az

5507 'Blue Nose'hy

5521 'Silver Skies' (yakushimanum FCC x Medusa) hy

5529 'Honsu's Baby' hy lep Spady

5543 'Ed Williams' (DBS-9), red, H-2 hy

5627 'Pleasant Bay Apricot' hy

5629 R. metternichii x 'Crest' hy Mederios

5632 #7519 (Leonard) hy

5637 'Aesthetica' hyLancaster

5638 'Pink Magic' hy lep Kehr

5646 'Golfer' hy Berg

5666 'Francesca' hy Consolini

5691 Althea (Rose of Sharon) 'Miss Jolene'Althea

5698 'Neat-O's Sister' hy

5701 R. campanulatum, Van Veen form sp

5702 R. ambiguum, RSF 80/108 sp

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

5703 Gem Garden, yellow Fort #755-34-7 hy Mehlquist

5707 Fortunei seedling, Gene #1 cream, br. Throat hy

5724 'Cinnamon Bear' hy

5734 'Azurro' hy Hachmann

5751 R. beesianum RSF 71-717 sp

5771 'Darren McKay' H3, pk with red high lights hy

5773 'Golfer Sister' hy

5798 'Vineland Belle' hy

5811 'Golden Sceptor' hy Mezitt

5814 'White Surprise'

5821 'H. L. Larson'

5827 75034-2 Mehlquist Yellow

5828 Alexandra's Ruby

5863 Ice Cube X YakBarber

5866 Nicoletta (Pink-Red blotch)Hachman

5869 groenlandicum 'Kate Brooks' (White)

5873 Sky Duke

5885 8015-94 (unk yak hy/pure white/JL selector)

5886 R. metternichii RG-2

5888 R. metternichii RG-7

5900 Ivory Coast

5902 Clotted Cream Aberconway

5903 Wee Beelep

5904 Fragrant Star (R atlanticum X R. canescens) -20F dec az

5905 R.concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum (Van Veen form) lep

5906 John's fragrant white azalea dec az

5907 Cowle's BM 1-8-86 JB 2-88 91S-264 elep

5908 Cowle's 91S-217 elep

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

5909 'April Reign ' (pink) lepMehlquist

5910 R. mucronulatum "Cornell Pink" X lutescens lepMehlquist

5911 Wyanokie X R. mucronulatum lep

5913 Unknown Claret (very late) elep

5914 Cecil #1 (pink)elep

5915 BG #19 (EC 36-85) (yellow elep

5917 75034-1 (yellow R. fortunei) elepMelquist

5918 Coxe #6 (pink)elep

5919 Glenn's Favorite (Unk double pink) ev az

5920 Unknown champagne elep Mezitt

5921 'Warrior's Child ' (red)elepLeonard

5922 BG #34 (JL 4-88) elepLeonard

5923 'Yankee Doodle'kalmia

5924 SW 58-279elep

5925 'El Saltz ' (Rhein hybrid low compact)

5926 'Hypnotist '(apricot)elep Delp

5928 R. augustinii (LongIsland form) hardylep

5929 R. makinoi x R. pachysanthum elep

5930 R. yak (Bovee narrow leaf form)elep

5931 'Marie Forester' elep

5932 'Gwen ' (R. fortunei hy) (pink)elep

5934 Fascination (Bicolor, lav and white) ev az

5935 R. kiusianum 'Ukon' (pink) evaz

5937 Nestucca X macabeanum elep

5938 R. morii Goheen selection

5939 Peach Cloudelep

5940 Peach Monarchelep

5942 Anna X Ken Janeck (white) elep

Code Name Type Hybridizer/Selector

5944 Yak X bureavii Cecil Smith form (white) elep

5945 'Tipoff' (lavender)

5946 HE 207-67 (late R. max) (pink with yellow blotch) elep

5947 Glenn's Lavenderev az

5948 'Sky Lord' ( catfortcampy X R. macabeanum)(A-Y)elep

5949 R. adenopodum (Gable's form) pksp elep

5950 R. balforianumsp elep

5951 Sky Fortunei elep

5954 R. ponticum X R. maximum (pink) H1elep

5955 R. brachycarpum RSF 79/056 (pink) elep

5957 HE 93-S-209elep

5958 R. bureavii X Fabia elep

5959 HE 298-71elep

5960 'Marge's Dexter' (pink-cream bicolor) elep

5961 'Peter Allen' (purple) elep Girard

5962 Mary Belle X Gold Star (yellow) elepJ. Shaw

5963 Bruce's Whitelep

5964 RHW #1 (large pink with orange flair) elep

5965 RHW #4 (pink & white with orange flair; fragrant) elep

5966 RHW #3 (pink-white pinwheel flair, fragrant) elep

5967 RHW #7 (deep purple - sun tolerant, 4'x4' in 10 yrs)elep

5971 'August Lamken' (red)elep

5972 'Tim Craig' (red) (America x yak)X( America x Mars) elep Delp

5974 R. kaempferi (dark pink)ev az

5975 207-69 (pale yellow flair) (maximum parent) elep Dexter

5976 'Helsinki University' (pink) elep

5977 R. yak X R. williamsianum (pink form) elep